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Edible Chocolate Cookie Dough

If you love my chocolate chip cookie dough recipe, this one is for you and all other chocolate lovers! This edible cookie dough tastes like brownie batter, but makes a small batch to satisfy your cravings anytime. This is also fool-proof, you can make it whatever thickness or creaminess that you like! This post was… Continue reading Edible Chocolate Cookie Dough

Cookies, Pantry Staple Recipe

3 ingredient peanut butter cookies [SO easy]

I originally shared a recipe for this when I first started my blog, but I decided to fix up the recipe a bit, with new photos and instructions 🙂 These cookies are extremely easy (in fact they are too easy), perfect for anyone to make, and are little bits of chewy perfection. Easily fix your… Continue reading 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies [SO easy]

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Pantry Staple Recipe

Strawberry-Blueberry-Peach Smoothie Bowl

Now that I am at school in person, I crave breakfasts that I can make in a matter of minutes. I enjoy making mug muffins and omelets, but sometimes I want something a little more fruity. Today I am sharing how to make a strawberry-blueberry-peach smoothie bowl that I find myself making more than once… Continue reading Strawberry-Blueberry-Peach Smoothie Bowl

Frostings, Gluten Free, Pantry Staple Recipe

Strawberry Frosting (2 ways!)

Today I am showing you guys how to make the BEST strawberry frosting, 2 different ways! You can make this frosting like a buttercream, or a less sweet, cream cheese frosting. Either way, this frosting is flavored with real freeze dried strawberries. I love making frostings, but this type is my favorite to make, mostly… Continue reading Strawberry Frosting (2 ways!)