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My Vacation to Cape May

Today I have a really unrelated post to share. I wanted to write about my vacation to Cape May, because we haven’t really been traveling lately (because of Covid) so that made this normal beach vacation extra fun. I’m really just sharing photos I took from our trip, but I hope you enjoy reading this!

The two people sitting in those chairs got up to go to the ocean, so I quickly snapped this photo!
Wave mid-crash
The sand here was like quicksand, my feet kept sinking in!
The Sunset
This was the view from our hotel balcony
Hehe I missed photographing my baked goods, so I quickly snapped this when my food came.
We ate outside everyday, it was beautiful
There was an old shipwreck at Sunset Beach
The sunset at Sunset Beach (different than Cape May)
And the first thing I did when we got home? Guess!

Thank you for reading! We went on this trip for my mom’s birthday, and this post is being published the day before. Happy Birthday Mom!!


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