August Baking Challenge (UPDATE!)

Hi! I have a few reminders and updates about this month’s challenge!

So far, writing this post, I only have one entry. If I don’t get up to five, I may just give the prize away to the one person who submitted (thank you so so much, Keira!) So anyways, this is a reminder that if you want to participate in the challenge, the deadline to submit your photo is August 27th. You can email or text it to me or my mom. The recipe is my vanilla mug cake recipe which you can find on my blog!

WAIT: but I did find a way you can submit your photo without having any of the personal contact information you need! Just email your photo to:, then subscribe to my blog, then you are entered in the raffle!

I wanted to answer a few questions I have been asked.

  1. Is this judged on presentation?

NO! I do NOT CARE WHAT the mug cake looks like! The way this works is to enter you have to make the mug cake, and as long as you make it and submit the photo, and follow me,: you are automatically entered in the challenge!

2. Can I modify the recipe?

If something feels wrong to you, you may modify the recipe. But, be aware the mug cake may not come out. The amount of baking powder in the mug cake is the exact amount. I would not recommend changing the amounts of ingredients. BUT feel free to add ingredients such as sprinkles, cinnamon, or chocolate chips!

3. I don’t like vanilla

Well you are in luck! What I wanted to say is instead of making a vanilla one, you can make a chocolate one! You can find the recipe in the chocolate mug cake video on my youtube channel.

Well thats it! I want you to know that it would mean so so so much to me if you participated! You DO have to be subcribed to my blog to participate, but that is so I can keep track of those who participated. If you have kids/siblings who want to make a mug cake too, feel free to submit a photo of their’s too! They don’t have to be subscribed! This only takes five minutes to make so it is only five minutes of time wasted, and is five minutes of more productive time than screens. It is also five minutes that would mean so so much to me.

I also want to thank those who have stuck with me these past months. Those who are following my blog and are commenting. You guys have my whole heart ❤️. Thank you. I do this all for free, the ads on this blog do not pay me, they pay the WordPress company and I cannot take them down. Because I do this for free, I really appreciate it when I see that the effort I spend all week on this blog pays off. So again, no pressure to participate but it would mean so so so much to me. Love you guys! 🥰


11 thoughts on “August Baking Challenge (UPDATE!)”

    1. Hi, if you can’t give me my home address no worries, but I’m afraid there isn’t another way to send the prize. You could participate in this for fun though, it would mean a lot of me! Your photo would be featured here on my blog. Thank you so so much for supporting and reading and commenting on my blog though, it means a lot, thank you 🥰🥰


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