The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

A perfect chocolate chip cookie has crispy edges, but soft middles. They also have a bold flavor from the molasses in the brown sugar. This recipe makes the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had. Not only does this recipe make amazing cookies, but it is super easy, and these only take about 20 minutes to make!

My mom uses the recipe from allrecipes to make her cookies. I’m not trying to be bias or anything but I absolutely am not a fan of that site. I prefer food blogs, where the bloggers put a lot more effort into making and testing their recipes. The allrecipes recipe isn’t bad of course, but I believe it could use some improvement in flavor and details in instruction. I have improved that recipe, to bring you the best cookies you’ll ever have.

When testing, I found that baking your cookies on a top rack in your oven works best. You can see in the photo below.

Left: middle rack Right: top rack

If you like thicker and more chewy cookies, make the balls of cookie dough slighty taller than the width. If you like crunchy cookies, flatten them with your hand to about 1/2 an inch and wait until the cookies cool completely to enjoy them.

How to make these cookies perfect:

  • For ultimate chewy cookies, do not overbake them! They will cool and harden! Bake them for the correct time listed below, until golden brown.
  • Spoon and level your flour. You don’t want crumbly dough!
  • Leave your butter out for about 2 hours before making these cookies, for room temperature butter. Do not microwave the butter to soften it. You can use melted butter if you want crispier edges.
  • You can refridgerate/freeze the dough you don’t use! Simply set it out a few hours before baking them to thaw.

Well anyways, I hope you guys love these cookies! It would make my day if you guys could try one of these recipes sometime, then comment how it turns out!


1 cup of butter, softened to room temperature (If you use salted butter, omit the salt.)

3/4 cup of white sugar

1 cup + 3 tablespoons of brown sugar

2 eggs

3 cups of flour

1 tsp of baking soda

1/2 tsp of baking powder

2 tsp of vanilla extract

1 tsp of salt

1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips

  1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees fahrenheit.
  2. In a bowl, cream together the butter and sugars until nice and fluffy, for about 2-3 minutes. Add the eggs one at a time, then the vanilla.
  3. In a separate bowl, whisk together the flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt until combined.
  4. Add half of the flour mixture to the butter mixture and fold them together until combined. Then add the rest of the flour and mix until it forms a nice dough. Then fold in the chocolate chips.
  5. You can use two parchment paper lined baking trays, or just one and freeze the rest of the dough. Roll the dough into balls the size of your liking. I do about 2 tablespoons. Place them at least 2 inches apart so they don’t stick together.
  6. Bake in your preheated oven for about 8-10 minutes or until the edges are just starting to turn golden brown.
  7. Let them cool and enjoy!

If you make these, please let me know how they turn out! 🙂

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