Spreading some JOY (but not through baking)

I already posted a post yesterday but I wanted to post this to spread joy because are all going through a rough time. We all know this is not the easiest time right now for many people due to the pandemic. People are suffering in many ways. A month ago, I read an article about families posting drawings of rainbows and teddy bears on their windows. Children can search for them while going on walks with their families. My middle sister and I thought this was a great idea so we immediately drew three pictures of rainbows and stuck them to our window!!

Then, I thought… With all these families walking by, maybe I’ll draw something encouraging with chalk on our driveway too! My sisters helped. Well my middle sister helped… my baby sister just screamed that the chalk was hers and got pretty physical about it. She’s very territorial about certain things, well actually, about everything. She’s also very cute so I let her get away with it all. Anyhow, on March 30th, here is our creation:

My mom saw this post on Facebook on 4/8, from my elementary school’s Facebook page:

Displaying IMG-6985.jpg

I thought that was neat, a lot of people ‘liked’ it. We noticed walkers taking photos of it. A neighbor told my mom she posted it to her Instagram. Maybe it cheered people up a little. It was a such a small act of spreading some joy. Maybe you will be inspired to do the same, or in your own way spread some joy! If you do, please comment below and let me know!

After it washed away in the rain, my middle sister and I drew a new one.

I didn’t know what to write- we kept brainstorming different ideas… but I do hope everyone stays strong. I can’t wait to…

  • go back to school; it’s crazy that next time I enter BC I will be in…8th grade!!! 😨
  • hang out, have sleepovers, and bake with my amazing friends, you guys have been my main support during this time! I also want to see my friends in VA. (K and C: it’s been too long!)
  • Go to a bakery and try a professional macaron. I need some inspiration for my recipe in progress!
  • see my sweet younger cousins in Virginia, New York, and California. I miss you guys like CRAZY. (There are 12 of them…wow! ) Most of my favorite memories are with you guys 😘
  • go down to Florida to see my super cool grandparents and the world’s oldest teenager! Lol ❤️
  • eat lots of amazing Korean food at my other grandparent’s house (which I haven’t been able to do lately).❤️
  • Go grocery shopping with my mom- you’ll find me in the baking aisle of course!

Anyways I’m praying for all those who are sick with the virus too… and those who have passed away 😦 Covid-19 is like a burnt cookie or a dry cupcake. Wish I could toss it in the trash and never see it again! It has been a hard time for all of us- I hope that this post made you happy!

I miss all of you guys so so so much and I can’t wait to see you all again!


6 thoughts on “Spreading some JOY (but not through baking)”

  1. Annabel we love your beautiful heart so much! What an inspiration! We will do something similar inspired by you! And we miss hugging you so much also!


    1. You’re sooo awesome!! I’m so proud of you!! You’re so beyond your age in expressing empathy and caring for others. Your small act of spreading the joy made my day overflow with happiness.
      Keep up the good work. Can’t wait ‘til your next post.
      – From the WOLT in Florida


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