How to NOT mess up macarons!

Macarons are a very delicate dessert and they are difficult to master. Although there are many factors that can impact how they turn out that you may not have control over, there are many ways to prevent them from failing!

A perfect macaron should be crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. To prevent it from being too crunchy, it is okay for it to be A LITTLE, I’ll repeat myself, A LITTLE undercooked. If it sits – it will cook through and be a perfect texture! Also a thick layer of buttercream is required to make sure that you don’t just get the cookie part. You need to balance out the not-super-sweet cookie part with some creamy buttercream.

Now here are the tips:

  1. Over mixing. Tasty 101 says once you can make a ribbon without it falling apart it should be fine. When I make them, as soon as the dry is mixed in, I stop. Over mixing can lead to cracked tops and make them spread out.
  2. Put your almond flower in a food processor before adding in! Tasty 101 suggests this but most recipes don’t! If you like grainy clumps on the tops of your macarons then don’t do this! Pulse the processor about 10 times to get rid of ALL clumps! Pulse and pulse more. There is no such thing as over pulsing!
  3. Pipe slowly and take your time. This is very important. If you aren’t in a rush to catch the bus or something, take your time! It you pipe uneven, it can cook weird. Then the appearance won’t be so nice either.
  4. Keep an eye on them in the oven! Some ovens can randomly run high or low which can impact the macarons. When I made them, if I had baked them for the suggested 17 minutes, they would have burned. Our oven just happens to run higher! Set a timer for 10 minutes and keep checking minute by minute.

Well thats all I have for now! I hope you enjoyed this advice! Comment below with any questions!


1 thought on “How to NOT mess up macarons!”

  1. Just a reminder: don’t be discouraged if these don’t come out the first time! Making these is mostly luck. You have to fold the batter the right amount of time, etc. 🙂

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