August Baking Challenge

Hi there! I’m so glad to see the amount of people that have stopped by at my blog these past months! This month, to conclude summer, I’d love to start a baking challenge! Let me explain how this works!

In this post, I’m going to reveal one of my recipes that I want everyone, or many people, to try and make! Once you make it, send me a picture of the final product, and in my last post of August, I will be showing all the photos, and in the caption I’ll say the first name of who made it. This isn’t really a ‘challenge’ but is something fun that you can all do! Within the people that participate, I’ll be randomly choosing a person (out of a hat) and the person will receive a sweet prize! Most of my viewers I personally know so I will either give the prize in person, or mail it.

I’m sorry but if you do not have my phone number or email address, or my mom’s number/email address, you can’t participate in the challenge. I don’t want to reveal those things to the public. You don’t have to be friends with me or anything, you just need to know the contact info.

Review of requirements to participate:

  1. You must have the proper contact imformation to submit your photo.
  2. YOU HAVE TO BE SUBSCRIBED TO MY BLOG TO PARTICIPATE. You can find the subscribe bar on the side of my blog, or the bottom if you view on a phone.
  3. You must send to the chosen contact way a photo of the final product of the baked good.

Here are the options on how to submit your photo (again):

  • Text it to me or my mom
  • Email it to me or my mom

Now the recipe I’d like you guys to try this month is…

My vanilla mug cake recipe! This only takes 5 minutes (at most) to make, and is super fun to do with children! Also feel free to mix it up a bit; add sprinkles or anything if wanted!

Once I publish this post, the challenge starts! No pressure at all, you don’t have to try this if you don’t want to. I just thought it would be something fun to do! Now off to baking! You can make this anytime this month, and I hope by August 31st, I’ll have a good amount of people who tried this! The deadline to submit your photo is August 27th, my birthday.

Also, if you have children or siblings, and each of you make one, all the mugs of cake will be in one photo, but each person has their own ‘entry’, so there is a chance for any one of you to win the prize.

You will receive a better chance of winning if you comment a review on the vanilla mug cake post, talking about how it came out, and if you have any tips, feel free to provide some! I will cut two papers of your name so you will have a better chance of winning.

Here are some of my favorite things I have baked this month!

Neapolitan cookies! Recipe:
Homemade strawberry cake from real strawberries! Recipe:
Bralizian chocolate truffles! Recipe: Adapted recipe is on my blog.
New York Style Cheesecake Recipe:

Well happy baking! I can’t wait to see what you guys make :)! I have pavlova in the oven and am editing the video right now, you’ll see it soon! It would mean so so much to me if you participated! I love when people engage with my blog, I’m always so excited to see a new comment!! I want to thank everyone who follows me and has stuck with me, you guys have my whole heart!

Comment with any questions!


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