Things To Do During Quarantine

I haven’t posted in a while! Sorry, things are kind of busy for me. I’ll try to get more into a schedule soon. Anyway, here is another non-baking related post. I am assuming we are all pretty bored in quarantine so today I’m sharing some fun stuff you can do to bust that boredom! This goes for kids and adults!


This is an online drawing game. You can create a private room and invite your friends to join! It is basically like a draw & guess game but you get points and they give you clues. Kendall and I spend hours playing this. It seems like a mundane game, but honestly, it gets pretty addicting. This isn’t the most productive thing to do (because it is on a screen), but it is better than binge watching Netflix (which is a common boredom buster right now) 🤷🏻‍♀️.

2. Redecorate your room

Whether you want to declutter your room, or simply make it less babyish, redecorating can be pretty fun. Lately I have been filling up empty space on my walls with photo strings and frames. I would recommend getting a letter board and fairy lights if you are interested in giving your room a makeover.

3. Do a video call with your friends or family

Every so often my friends and I will do a FaceTime call. It is really nice to be able to see them because I have not seen some of them in person for months. If you are dying to see a friend, then just set up a Zoom or FaceTime call, and it feels like you are with the person/people in real life!

4. Go on a bike ride

I used to only have the time to ride my bike on the weekends, and only when time would allow. Well, now I have been riding mine almost everyday! It is fun to explore new trails and areas to ride! I have been riding six feet apart with two of my friends. It’s so fun! You are less likely to catch the virus from being outside, so I enjoy going to the trail near our house. It takes you to a bridge above a highway and a river, and into Philadelphia. The view is amazing.

5. Have a tea party.

Yup. It seems silly but honestly, it isn’t that bad. Kendall and I set one up for Laurel and she loved it! We made heart sandwiches, heart crackers, fruit kabobs, fruit cups w/ dip, boiled eggs, and a fondue. It is like afternoon tea! This is for all ages and anyone can enjoy it! You can do it for lunch (like we did) except keep in mind that you will probably end up eating fondue as a meal. Don’t worry, we put Izze in the cups; it isn’t wine ;).

6. Make a Rube Goldberg machine!

It took work but was fun!

This project will test your patience and perseverance! It is hard to make one of these, but it is always worth it in the end. It also takes up a alot of time, which is good because we all probably have been bored lately. See ours above!

7. Bake something new

I decided to be ambitious and create my own buttermilk for this cake. Most recipes call for it, but buttermilk is hard to find. Apparently, the recipe you want to make may not always work when using homemade buttermilk, but I gave it a try. It came out delicious! If you would like to make your own, then use this buttermilk substitute (link) from an amazing blog.

Even if you aren’t a fan of baking, it never hurts to try! Go ahead and be ambitious. Find a recipe that takes multiple hours to make and do it. Or make macarons! It is always fun to find new challenges and it feels so good to accomplish them! And if it doesn’t work the first time, don’t worry! You can always figure what went wrong! If you want ideas of something to bake, check out my gallery! If there is something you want to make on there, comment and I will send you the recipe!


7 thoughts on “Things To Do During Quarantine”

  1. Excellent, Annabel!!
    This is what you would call making the best of a bad situation.
    The Little Sister Gets a Snack video has no viewers. You should send the link to your uncles, aunts, cousins and friends. It should then get a million viewers and you could earn some money from Youtube.

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  2. Wow annabel I cant wait to see the changes in your room! Also that cake using buttermilk looks amazing! You’re so talented and creative!!

    Liked by 1 person

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