Here is a collection of some things that I have baked recently! This page will be updated weekly, but not always in chronological order of when I made the baked goods. This page is perfect to scroll through when you’re hungry or want to be inspired!

Devils-food chocolate cake
The cake w/ red velvet cupcakes!
Valentines day cookie decoratimg!
Not the best looking red velvet cookies…
Chocolate chip cookies for St. Johns Hospice!
Homemade chewy caramels
Homemade dinner rolls
Cinnamon Rolls
Christmas Crackle
Red velvet macarons
Oreo Cupcakes
Cinnamon donut holes
Chocolate chip cookies, the original πŸ™‚
Peanut butter cookies
Chocolate cookie dough- edible
Oreo chocolate chip cookies, a perfect combo!
Chocolate cake pops
Snickerdoodle mug cake- recipe coming soon!
Edible cookie dough…heaven
Easy, one bowl cornbread
Displaying IMG-5985.jpg
Oh my gosh so proud of this photo πŸ™‚ It took me a good hour to snap and edit with a real camera, but it is proof that there is hope in the future that I could make this a full-time (or part-time) job. I will not be publishing this recipe though because the recipe does not belong to me, but I am working on a brownie recipe!
Strawberry lemonade cake (lemon cake + strawberry frosting)
S’mores fudge: 5 ingredients
Sugar cookie bars
Brown Butter Cookies
Got an order for a party!
Rainbow cupcakes with a cloud like buttercream!
Strawberries and cream cake
Strawberry cupcakes w/ real strawberries!
Mini red velvet cakes
Pound cake
Cupcakes for Laurel’s party!
Oreo brownies
Banana Muffins
Soft Lofthouse Style Sugar cookies!
Brownie Bark
Snow White Cupcakes (marshmallow frosting)
Birthday cake!
Vanilla cupcakes with caramel frosting
Lemon cookies
Red velvet crinkle cookies
Very ugly chocolate meringues
Homemade fudge
“Pavlova”- a fluffy but crispy meringue with whipped cream and berries.
“Crazy cake”- no eggs, milk, or butter! A perfect pantry staple recipe!
Caramel cake πŸ™‚
Cake pops! I honestly did not like them, but others did!
The ‘worst chocolate chip cookies’. Find the recipe at
Devils food chocolate cake πŸ™‚
Chocolate caramel brownies about to go in the oven!
Neapolitan cookies, I hope to share a recipe soon!
Lace cookies, made with almond πŸ™‚
Chocolate caramel cake mix cookies!
Homemade strawberry cake made with fresh, real strawberries!
Banana bread, the best recipe ever. Tried by people I know and satisfaction guaranteed. I’m gonna post a recipe soon for this.
A pineapple upside down cake! A bit sweet but good!
Cookie experimenting πŸ™‚
Sprinkles copycat red velvet cupcakes! I’ll post the recipe soon! I also made a video to go with it!
Shortbread cookies.
Cinnamon roll cookies, I’ve worked on my photo quality!
A homemade smoothie bowl! It is a healthy breakfast and has a texture of ice cream!
Chocolate cupcakes! They are SO moist, I used the sugarspunrun recipe. You should check out her blog!
Cheesecake for mother’s day, with a strawberry compote!
Red velvet cookies! I made the mistake by adding cream of tartar to it so it was a bit cracked. Oh well.
I think this was my 6th batch of vanilla cupcakes. The recipe on here is good but I’m still trying to improve it!
Brigadeiros with a salted peanut coating.
Meringues; only 4 ingredients!
Yellow cake w/ chocolate frosting
Homemade buttermints
Oreo cupcakes!
Crisy chocolate chip cookies!!
Homemade sorbet
Displaying IMG-4678.jpg
Pretzels: I didn’t make these: my awesome mom did.
Pound cake with a blueberry compote. MY FAVORITE πŸ™‚
Cotton Candy; technically I didn’t ‘bake’ this but it looks good!
Crepes with strawberries and syrup πŸ™‚
Pancakes πŸ™‚
Chocolate-cookie dough bites! No oven required; I made them in the freezer!
Biscuits fresh out of the (toaster) oven πŸ™‚
Red velvet cupcakes! Let me get this straight: these were THE BEST cupcakes I have EVER made. I’ll try and post the recipe soon but I already have 3 drafts in progress 😲
Peanut butter cookies; only 3 ingredients!
You know those storebought cookies? These tasted just like them!
Macarons πŸ™‚
Snickerdoodles πŸ™‚
Cookie Brownies! It seems easy but was probably the hardest treat I have made. I had to coordinate separate baking times for the two layers.
Chocolate cupcakes; I add boiling water to the batter to make it SUPER moist πŸ™‚
Red velvet vanilla cupcakes which you have probably seen before! This is using my vanilla cupcake recipe! They’re my favorite!
Meringues; if you leave them in the oven for a LITTLE extra they become toasty! They tasted like toasted marshmallows.
First ever macaron attempt!
Choclate cake πŸ™‚
Red velvet vanilla cupcakes
Confetti cupcakes with a chocolate frosting! The frosting looks extra shiny because I used a coffee creamer recipe!
Classic apple pie!
Strawberry cheesecake cupcakes for the Cal’s Cupcake Challenge! Graham cracker crust, strawberry cupcake with a strawberry filling, and cream cheese frosting!
Snickerdoodles πŸ™‚
Cookies about to go in the oven!
Brownies, half smothered in a peanut butter frosting! (Peanut butter, powdered sugar, and milk)
Coffee cake πŸ™‚
Cornbread up close for thanksgiving!
Christmas cookie time!
My classic vanilla cupcakes with a chocolate buttercream! I lightened it with the cocoa so they would blend together more πŸ™‚
I didn’t bake this. Just realized when I came in to add these captions πŸ˜‚ I’ll keep it in here bc/ it looks good. It is an apple danish from Costco πŸ˜‚!
Chocolate cupcakes; super moist!
I used leftover cookie douch to quickly whip up these cookies in a toaster oven πŸ˜‚
Extra-chocolatety cookie πŸ™‚
My strawberry cheesecake cupcakes which is explained way above! My moms favorite.
A simple mug cake! I made a video for this, I’ll post the recipe soon!
Mini apple pies πŸ™‚
Tres Leches cake πŸ™‚ It is a regular vanilla cake drenched with 3 types of milks, a spanish dessert πŸ™‚
The tres leches cake from a bird’s eye view

9 thoughts on “Gallery”

  1. The strawberry cheesecake cupcakes look amazing! Marielle is drooling over the chocolate chip cookie brownie haha! Time for you to sell and ship your baked goods!!


  2. Hi Annabel,
    WE LOVE THIS!!! We are definitely going to try some of these… (the easier ones!)
    Mia: “WOW you can really BAKE! Is there a recipe for the mini apple pies?”
    Ellie: “THOSE LOOK DELICIOUS!!! I want to try your velvet cupcakes.”
    Josie: “I WUV EET!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I miss you guys! I will try to post a recipe for the apple pies and the red velvet cupcakes soon! (Spoiler alert: a mug cake recipe is coming soon!)


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