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Meet my Puppy!!

As you guys may know, we found out we would be getting a mini dachshund puppy in March! Last month, we finally got our dream puppy. I never knew that I could love a dog so much (wasn’t ever really a dog person unlike my sister), but our Penny girl has done a good job of (kind of) turning me into one!

These were pictures from when we first got her, she is so big now and is growing up so fast! She also favors me over everybody (sorry Kendall).

She is already so well-trained (she knows sit, down, play dead, stay, and go) and has such a silly personality. They say that once you get a dog you love the dog unconditionally, and brag constantly about him/her. Happy to say that is now me! Both my parents were not dog people either, but we all love her so much. We feel really blessed that we were able to get her – we were on a waiting list for a long time and we miraculously were able to get her (more on that later)!

Sorry that I haven’t posted a lot of recipes lately… but more are coming soon! I hope that Penny can make an appearance in some of my posts. Happy baking!

6 thoughts on “Meet my Puppy!!”

  1. That is so exciting for you! 😀 I wasn’t a dog person either until we got one too, LOL! Unfortunately though, the pictures of Penny aren’t showing up on you post so I can’t see them. I bet she’s the cutest! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much!! All puppies are definitely difficult when you first get them (training for example) but it is worth it because they are so life changing in a good way, and are absolutely adorable!

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