What Baking Means to Me πŸ€

I often get asked why I love baking so much. Since the day I saw my mom in the kitchen, I developed a passion for baking. However, I never took a second to understand why I love it so much. Today’s post is a bit different, but I wanted to touch on what it means to me, and what it may mean to you too!

There are many reasons why I bake, the main one being able to spread joy – whether it be my family, my friends, or simply a neighbor I delivered a cookie to. Seeing the smile on their faces makes the hours in the kitchen so worth it.

It is also a form of self-expression for me. I can be so creative with what I make, and feel capable of making magic happen from a few simple ingredients. It allows me to understand that I am in control of the outcome, and allows me to accept failure. After a long day of school, baking helps me to unwind, and to not worry about anything else.

So now I want to hear from you. What does baking/cooking mean to you? And to those of you who don’t bake often, I want to encourage you to find your inner creativity. Get in the kitchen, and throw that apron on! Make magic happen. It will help you a lot, trust me!


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