2021… with some big changes!!

I’m a bit late with a New Years post, but to those who personally know me, I have some changes and decisions I have made that I want to share 🙂

2020 was a difficult year, we all know that. However, 2020 helped me open my eyes to how I truly learn, and how I want to spend my future. In the fall, I made the decision to attend an all-girls, Catholic, private school for high school. This was a challenging process, but not a hard decision. I am a visual learner, and learn better when there is more focus on the class. At a smaller school, I believe that I will learn so much more and will be more focused, as my future is very important to me. I think I will make life-long friends and will be able to pursue my future goals. I got accepted to all three of the schools I loved with academic scholarships, which I could not be more grateful for, and have made my decision on which one I would like to attend.

The new school I will be attending is somewhere I know I will learn, prosper, and truly enjoy my high school time. I know that God had it all planned out for me to attend here, and that there are great plans for my life. I won’t be attending LM or Harriton next year and I will miss all my classmates and friends very much. The school I have chose to attend is almost an hour away, so it is likely we will move.

The purpose of this post was to inform people about my decision and move, but I also want to tell my readers something. In the fall, I spent countless hours studying for all three entrance exams, writing essays, and attending interviews. I wasn’t even expecting to get in the one of the schools, but I ended up getting scholarships to all three of them. The time and energy that I used for this thing I truly wanted definitely paid off. To everyone reading this, always use all the effort you can, and the result will be whatever God’s plan is for you (which is always beautiful)- trust me.

I will be taking some time off from posting to focus on what is really happening right now, and figure out what is coming next. Thank you for all the support and prayers.

I can’t wait to attend a new school for high school, and I think I will really enjoy it. For everyone who needs to make a decision, simply do what feels right for you and dedicate your time. 💛 Thank you for reading!


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